Christine Moreland, President

HR Manager for Columbia Energy

I am the HR manager for Columbia Energy and have worked for their Human Resources for over 20 years. I have experience working in a variety of sectors, including government, public, private, not-for-profit, transportation, and consulting. I have a diverse background in human resources with an emphasis on employee and labor relations, EEO, affirmative action, and compliance. 

I am a certified Senior Human Resource Professional (SPHR) with an additional certification as an SHRM-SCP. I am actively involved with the Washington State SHRM and has been volunteering on their Board of Directors for the past eight years and serving as their Workforce Readiness Director.

Jim Bischoff, Vice President

Supported Employment Program Manager for Eastern WA with Home & Community Services

My name is Jim, and I am one of the co-founders of ACCESS Tri-Cities. Bringing thought to action with amazing results has been an honor. Also, to work with such a talented and fantastic group of community professionals that sit on our Board and make ACCESS work year after year. I bring over 20 years of experience helping Individuals with Disabilities explore their options on getting successful employment in our welcoming community. Our goal is to build successful sustaining bridges between the job seeker with a disability and the employer looking for that “right” employee. We are making progress, but still have good work to do.


Vacant, Treasurer

Cyndi O’Bannon, Secretary

Disability Consultant and Program Development

I am a liaison, troubleshooter, trainer, headhunter, resource, confidant, cheerleader, business consultant, and a program developer.

I am a veteran consultant and skilled at wearing the many hats required to assist innovative business leaders in incorporating sustainable disability and inclusion practices into their worksites mindfully.

My tenets for sustainable D & I program development: Make the DECISION - Communicate your decision early and often: building awareness, garnering buy-in, and identifying co-creators. CREATE a plan that meets your individual business need - Sustainability happens when applied action addresses an actual need. ASK for help when you need it. To paraphrase Einstein, you don’t have to have all the answers; you need to know where to find them!

Always REMEMBER that you are just hiring a "dude" (or "dudette") to do a job. If you make any employment decision based on disability, except with accommodation, and not qualifications and observed performance, you miss the mark, more importantly — HAVE FUN. Celebrate your success, learn from your mistakes, and honor the innate timing inherent in creation.


Besides my role as a consultant, I am a board member for Access Tri-Cities and Hanford High: Advisory Board, and I regularly volunteer at Chaplaincy Heath Care: Hospice.

Kamran Rasul, Communications

Adjunct Professor, Columbia Basin College | Assistive Technology Specialist, Johns Hopkins University

Started in 2016, I serve as a member of the Access Tri-Cities board. Currently working at the Assistive Technology Specialist for Johns Hopkins University, where we ensure students with disabilities provided equal access to education using technology.

Michelle B. Gardner

Vocational Services Specialist at WorkSource with the WA State Dept. of Labor and Industries

I am a Vocational Services Specialist III with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries serving workers injured or diagnosed with an occupational disease while employed with a Washington employer at the local WorkSource in Kennewick, WA. I have been a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for over 16 years, assisting individuals with disabilities to return to work, identify training goals/needs, assessing the ability to work, recommending job modifications, etc. I hold two national certifications; I am a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, American Board of Vocational Experts/Diplomat Disability Management Specialist and Global Career Development Facilitator and has served as a board member for Access Tri-Cities since its beginnings.

Donna Kunk

Re-Engagement Case Manager at TC Futures with ESD 123

I am involved with Access Tri-Cities for five years now and, as a board member, bring my passion for serving others. I started as a representative to the committee as a Work Source employee, working with adults and youth with many types of disabilities and requiring a variety of resources connecting the customer to resources and employment is paramount. I worked with transition students of many high schools in providing pre-employment workshops and work-based learning.

Access Tri-Cities has worked on providing experiences for high school students with disabilities in preparing them to be job-ready. I am working for ESD123 in the Open Doors GED program in re-engaging dropouts, many of which have limitations.

Lisa Bunch

EEO/HR Compliance Manager for Washington River Protection Solutions

I have been an Access Tri-Cities Board member since 2014 and passionate about encouraging, hiring, and promoting individuals with disabilities. I have worked alongside individuals with disabilities for many years and long ago recognized their superior work ethic, high participation levels and ability to solve problems using innovative solutions. I also welcome opportunities to educate employers on the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities. I am grateful for my position on the Board, an excellent platform to advocate the hiring and to advance of individuals with disabilities.

Lisa Jacob

Program Services Supervisor with Goodwill Industries of the Columbia